The Lease Depot offer you:

  • Low up-front cost
  • Unlimited kilometers
  • Flexible 12 60 month terms
  • No excess wear and tear charges
  • Tax deductible payments
  • Lowest rates available

We specialize in

  • All makes and models
  • Both new and used vehicles
  • Off-lease and demos
  • Passenger vehicles, heavy trucks, recreational vehicles, boats, computers and equipment
  • Approval of all types of credit

Leasing allow you to;

  • Drive a new vehicle more often
  • improve your cash flow
  • Drive a model that may otherwise be out of reach
  • Defer the sales tax and GST on the residual amount.


The leasing Depot is committed to providing the simplest, most beneficial leasing options for our customers. We strive to ensure a quick turn around time with minimal hassles and maximum results.

Weather you have already found a vehicle of your choice an require financing or would like us to locate it for you, We can help!

Compared with leasing, retail financing a vehicle means that you hold ownership to the vehicle. Unfortunately, when financing a vehicle, you are paying for its full value instead of just its use. This is why monthly payments are lower when you lease a vehicle. But that is not all. With leasing, your vehicle is usually protected under warranty and maintenance cost are limited because your are changing your vehicle on average every 3 years.

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